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Senior Health: Mayo Clinic discovers high-intensity aerobic training can reverse aging processes in adults

(SOURCE: MAYO CLINIC) - Everyone knows that exercise is good for you, but what type of training helps most, especially when you’re older - say over 65? A Mayo Clinic study says it’s high-intensity aerobic exercise, which can reverse some cellular aspects of aging. The findings appear in Cell Metabolism. Mayo researchers compared high-intensity interval training, resistance training and combined training. All training types improved lean body mass and insulin sensitivity, ...
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What is Peroneal Tendonitis and how is it treated?

To answer this question, we need to first understand what the peroneal tendon is and where on the body it’s located. Tendons are a type of fibrous connective tissue which connect muscle to bone (not to be confused with ligaments, which connect bone to bone). This connection enables the tendons to regulate the force between muscle tissues during movement so that the body can remain stable. Peroneal tendons run along the outside ...
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Mayo Clinic researchers uncover new agents that eliminate cells associated with age-related diseases

(SOURCE: MAYO CLINIC) -  Mayo Clinic researchers have uncovered three new agents to add to the emerging repertoire of drugs that aim to delay the onset of aging by targeting senescent cells – cells that contribute to frailty and other age-related conditions. A recent study of human cell cultures shows that the drugs, fisetin and two BCL-XL inhibitors – A1331852 and A1155463 – cleared senescent cells in vitro. Findings appear ...
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Screening with frequent personalized CA125 testing may improve detection of ovarian cancer in high-risk women

(SOURCE: MASSACHUSETTS GENERAL HOSPITAL) - The combined results of two ovarian cancer screening trials suggest that a personalized strategy involving frequent screening of high-risk women could improve the chance that tumors are detected at early stages when they are easier to treat. As reported in a paper published in Clinical Cancer Research, these trials imply that a protocol involving quarterly blood testing to identify significant increases above each patient’s personal baseline in ...
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Molecular “on switch” could point to treatments for pediatric brain tumor

(SOURCE: MASSACHUSETTS GENERAL HOSPITAL) - Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) researchers have identified a mechanism that controls the expression of genes regulating the growth of the most aggressive form of medulloblastoma, the most common pediatric brain tumor. In their report published online in Cancer Discovery, the team also identifies potential targets for future treatments. “We set out to find the most important regulators of gene expression programs in medulloblastoma,” says senior author ...
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