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Tune in to the latest health and medical treatment news and updates impacting conditions like dementia, cancer, diabetes, Parkinson’s, ALS, COPD, lymphoma, leukemia and more. Discover the newest medical breakthroughs and the latest treatment options and guidelines being tested and brought to market by medical researchers. You can also search for home health care agencies and home care providers located throughout the U.S. 

Latest Health & Medical News Updates

New infusion therapy may help smooth out movement for patients with Parkinson’s

(SOURCE: AUGUSTA UNIVERSITY) - Constant infusion of a drug now used intermittently to “rescue” patients with Parkinson’s from bouts of immobility may also help avoid these debilitating symptoms and smooth out their movement throughout the day, physician-scientists say. “As presently used, this therapy helps bridge a gap,” said Dr. Kapil D ...
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Study confirms vitamin D protection against cold and flu

(SOURCE: MASSACHUSETTS GENERAL HOSPITAL) - A new global collaborative study has confirmed that vitamin D supplementation can help protect against acute respiratory infections. The study, a participant data meta-analysis of 25 randomized controlled trials including more than 11,000 participants, has been published online in The BMJ. “Most people understand that vitamin ...
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Dual-drug combination shows promise against diabetic eye disease in animal model

(SOURCE: UF HEALTH) - A two-drug cocktail provided better protection against diabetes-related vision loss than a single drug during testing in rat models, a team of University of Florida Health and Dutch researchers has found. Researchers say the drug combination is a promising and unique potential treatment for patients with diabetic ...
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Gene variants associated with body shape increase risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes

(SOURCE: MASSACHUSETTS GENERAL HOSPITAL) - A study from Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) researchers has found that a pattern of gene variants associated with an “apple-shaped” body type, in which weight is deposited around the abdomen, rather than in the hips and thighs, increases the risk for type 2 diabetes and coronary ...
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Researchers identify new process to raise natural armies of cancer-targeting T lymphocytes outside the body

(SOURCE: MAYO CLINIC) - Mayo Clinic and University of Washington researchers have discovered a new culture method that unlocks the natural fighter function of immune T cells when they are passing through the bloodstream. This allows T cell armies to be raised directly from blood that naturally recognize and target proteins ...
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$9.4 million grant helps scientists explore how cell death from high blood pressure fuels even higher pressure

(SOURCE: AUGUSTA UNIVERSITY) - It’s been known for decades that a bacterial infection can raise your blood pressure short term, but now scientists are putting together the pieces of how our own dying cells can fuel chronically high, destructive pressure. Quite literally billions of our cells die daily and their ...
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Turning off the protein tap – a new clue to neurodegenerative disease

(SOURCE: UNIVERSITY OF MANCHESTER) - Disabling a part of brain cells that acts as a tap to regulate the flow of proteins has been shown to cause neurodegeneration, a new study from The University of Manchester has found. The research, which was carried out in mice, focused on the Golgi apparatus ...
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‘Sweet Spot’ for Additional Breast Imaging Found

(SOURCE: RUSH UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER) - Breast cancer detection increases significantly when radiologists recall mammogram patients for additional imaging more often than recommended by the current guidelines, according to a study by a radiologist at Rush. The study determined that the "sweet spot" for finding breast cancer is in the recall range of ...
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Immune receptor that’s typically activated by bacteria is a major contributor to bladder dysfunction in diabetes

(SOURCE: AUGUSTA UNIVERSITY) - Bladder dysfunction is a reality for about half of patients with diabetes and now scientists have evidence that an immune system receptor that’s more typically activated by bacteria is a major contributor. In the face of diabetes, scientists have shown for the first time that contents released ...
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Old drug may provide new hope to melanoma patients

(SOURCE: MASSACHUSETTS GENERAL HOSPITAL) - A drug once used to treat diabetes may be of big benefit to skin cancer patients. The treatment of choice for Type 2 diabetes prior to the introduction of metformin, phenformin was taken off the market in 1978 due to concerns about toxicity – it heightened ...
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