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What is Alkaptonuria?

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According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, alkaptonuria is an inherited condition which causes urine to turn black when exposed to air. Ochronosis, a buildup of dark pigment in connective tissues such as cartilage and skin, is also characteristic of the disorder. This blue-black pigmentation usually appears after age 30. People with alkaptonuria typically develop arthritis, particularly in the spine and large joints, beginning in early adulthood. Other features of this condition can include heart problems, kidney stones, and prostate stones.

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Ochronosis Skin Disorder

News-Medical.netAug 21, 2016
This form is also referred to as alkaptonuria (black urine disease). It is an autosomal recessive disease which is caused by inheriting a genetic …

How studying a disease that affects hundreds of people could save

The IndependentSep 19, 2016
More recently, another rare disease, alkaptonuria (“black bone disease”), has yielded clues about a very common condition: osteoarthritis.

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