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What is Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita (AMC)?

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According to Seattle Children’s Hospital, Arthrogryposis (arth-ro-grip-OH-sis) multiplex congenita refers to a child born with joint contractures usually in the arms and legs, although they can sometimes occur in the jaw and spine. In children with this condition, some joints don’t move as much as normal and may even be stuck in one position. Often the muscles around these joints are thin, weak, stiff or missing. Extra tissue may have formed around the joints, holding them in place.

Arthrogryposis does not occur on its own. It is a feature of many other conditions, most often amyoplasia. Children with arthrogryposis may have other health problems, such as problems with their nervous system, muscles, heart, kidneys or other organs, or differences in how their limbs, skull or face formed.


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