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What is Buerger’s Disease?

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According to the Mayo Clinic, Buerger’s disease (also known as thromboangiitis obliterans) is a rare disease of the arteries and veins located in the arms and legs. In Buerger’s disease, blood vessels become inflamed, swell and can become blocked with blood clots (thrombi).

The exact cause of Buerger’s disease is unknown. It is strongly associated with use of tobacco products, primarily from smoking, but is also associated with smokeless tobacco.


Buerger’s is not immediately fatal. Amputation is common and major amputations (of limbs rather than fingers/toes) are almost twice as common in patients who continue to smoke. Prognosis markedly improves if a person quits smoking. Female patients tend to show much higher longevity rates than men. The only known way to slow the progression of the disease is to abstain from all tobacco products.

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