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Atherosclerosis Treatment News: Endogenous peptide lowers cholesterol

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(SOURCE: LUDWIG-MAXIMILIANS-UNIVERSITÄT MÜNCHEN) – Cells of the innate immune system that play an important role in development of atherosclerosis contain a protein that reduces levels of cholesterol in mice – and thus helps to inhibit or mitigate the disease. Atherosclerosis remains one of the primary causes of premature death in modern Western societies. The term itself refers […]

Health Medical Breakthroughs Treatment

Researchers Identified Two PARP Proteins as Regulators of Macrophage Activation in Development of Atherosclerosis

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(BRIGHAM AND WOMEN’S HOSPITAL) According to a recent press release from Brigham and Women’s Hospital, researchers have found two new potential drug targets for treating arterial diseases such as atherosclerosis. By using proteomics to screen a vast number of molecules, the researchers identified PARP9 and PARP14 – two members of the PARP family of proteins – […]