What Are Bone Spurs and What Causes Them?

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For anyone who has experienced a bone spur, especially in the heel area of the foot, you know how painful they can be. However, many people with bone spurs don’t even know they have one until they grow large enough to push against other tissue. Bone spurs are simply outgrowths of bone which are most […]

Vitamin D Deficiency

Vitamin D Deficiency Signs

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The dangers of sun exposure are real, and causing more and more people to avoid exposure whenever possible. Gone are the days of deep dark beach tans and surf music. While this behavior has cut down the risk of skin cancer substantially, there have also been some unintended consequences along the way. Doctors are seeing […]

Home Health Care

What are Home Health Care Agencies and What do They Do?

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People often confuse home health care agencies with home care agencies. While some of their functions and tasks may be similar, there are key differences. The biggest difference being that home health care is essentially medical or clinical care and home care is non-medical care. Home health care is typically provided by a skilled medical […]

What is Peroneal Tendonitis and how is it treated?

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To answer this question, we need to first understand what the peroneal tendon is and where on the body it’s located. Tendons are a type of fibrous connective tissue which connect muscle to bone (not to be confused with ligaments, which connect bone to bone). This connection enables the tendons to regulate the force between muscle tissues […]