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What is Hypertension? (Definition)

Hypertension (also referred to as high blood pressure) is a condition when blood flows through the blood vessels with a force greater than normal. Hypertension can strain the heart, damage blood vessels, and increase the risk of heart attack, stroke, kidney problems, and death.

According to the Mayo Clinic, you can have high blood pressure (hypertension) for years without any symptoms. Even without symptoms, damage to blood vessels and your heart continues and can be detected. Uncontrolled high blood pressure increases your risk of serious health problems, including heart attack and stroke.

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Latest Hypertension Treatment News and Research

$9.4 million grant helps scientists explore how cell death from high blood pressure fuels even higher pressure

(SOURCE: AUGUSTA UNIVERSITY) - It’s been known for decades that a bacterial infection can raise your blood pressure short term, but now scientists are putting together the pieces of how our own dying cells can fuel chronically high, destructive pressure. Quite literally billions of our cells die daily and their remains are mostly taken up by garbage-eating immune cells like ...
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Positive Airway Pressure Therapy for Sleep Apnea May Have Positive Impact Patients with Hypertension

(AMERICAN ACADEMY OF SLEEP MEDICINE) According to an article from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, a new study shows that positive airway pressure (PAP) therapy for sleep apnea may have a positive impact on sleep-related functional outcomes among patients who also suffer from hypertension. The findings suggest that untreated sleep apnea may explain the quality of life impairments reported by ...
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